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Guest Activities are prepared at the Main Pool Kintamani Pool everyday free of charge for in House Guest, Please contact our Guest Relations for details.

Water Volleyball

Enjoy the heat of the sun and the splash of the water by joining water volleyball. It is starting at 10 am at the Main Pool Kintamani Pool.

Ketupat Making

Ketupat is one of the favourite Balinese cuisine, learn how to make it by joining Ketupat Making program at the Poolside.

Kite Making & Flying

One of the popular game in Bali is Flying the Kite. Here we don't only bring you to fly the kite but furthermore our staff will show you how to make later on flying it.

Balinese Offering Class

It is one of the Balinese cultural program, that is making Canang (a special media for worshipping by Hindus People) made from young coconut leave.

Pillow Fighting

This game consists of 2 people, one fight to another using the pillow. They are sitting on the special long chair which is put in the pool. Never hesitate to take part because it is fun and safe.

Beach Walking

In the afternoon when the sun is going to down, let's get sweat and enjoy the beauty of the sunset by joining beach walking program along side Germany Beach.

Fruit Carving Demo

Our Professional Chef will make the fruit become other shape like human face, animal, flower, etc by carving. He will show you the way and have you to get involved.

Bahasa Lesson

To make your holiday in Bali becomes more fun, we also have you to enrich your knowledge about Indonesia by learning Bahasa. It will be a unique experience and different hand gift from Indonesia.

Coconut Leave Weaving Class

Another cultural activity is making Balinese ornament from Coconut Leave. These ornaments are used to design House especially special occasion.

Water Polo

Another choice to get wet and be fun in the pool is by joining Water Polo